4 Steps for a Stress Free Local Move

Let us know what you have to move and when

Inspect the written estimate that we email you

Fear not as our team carefully wraps and moves your items

Take it easy as we move you to your new apartment!


The art of moving hasn’t changed much through the years. Packing, padding, and protecting your items are always our top proprity, but customer service is where we really excel. From communicating costs to explaining the process, we aim to keep you informed of what is going on from the initial booking until the last item is delivered to your new home. Here we explain step by step how we work to ensure you have the smoothest relocation possible. There should be no surprises on moving day, and we want to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

When we receive your first call or email, our sales team will begin building a plan for your move. Please be as accurate with your inventory as possible as it will make things easier for the movers when they arrive on move day.

The sales team will email you the Official Estimate, including a breakdown of all the charges, terms of service, and what you can expect on move day. Double check that the inventory is correct as it will determine the size of truck we send you.

All of our jobs are done on an hourly basis. There is always a 3-hour labor minimum, plus at least one additional hour of travel time for the crew to get from our warehouse to your pick-up address, and from your drop off address back to our warehouse. Travel time is not the time it takes to get from your pick-up to your drop-off, that is considered labor time. If your destination is outside of Manhattan, travel time may be increased since the crew will have to travel back to the city once done. If you want to book with Lift, a $100 non-refundable deposit will be taken over the phone or through email. On move day, you can opt to pay for your move with cash, bankers check or money order. Any credit card transaction, besides the deposit, includes a 4% fee. Paying with cash is the preferred method of payment.

If you need a Certificate of Insurance, you should send it to us through email as soon as possible. There is a $25 fee for each certificate that we need to process. If you do not send it several days before your move, the building could delay or postpone the move, leading to extra costs or fees. Once the movers show up at your pick-up address, the clock begins, so please ensure that everything is ready to go with the building such as service entrance availability and time as well as elevators being reserved.

If you require packing services, we can supply you with boxes but be aware that you will be charged for each box that we use on the job. Safely packing items is also very time intensive. We try to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible, but to make sure everything is safe we take time to ensure all of your items arrive safely.

A few days before your move, a Lift Sales representative will call to verify that everything is still good to go on your end. If there are any changes to your inventory or the services you will be required, make sure to mention this as it may affect the time we estimated the job to take.

The Moving team will call 30 minutes before they arrive on move day, arriving within your moving window to start the job. If you can get parking for the truck, that will make everything go much quicker. Our ticket policy is to let the customer decide where we should park, however it is an illegal spot you will have to pay the cost of the ticket. Sometimes the only legal spot is so far, that it makes more sense to pay the ticket than for the extra time the move will take. You can try to stay with the truck and chase away any ticket police, however, this doesn’t always work.

All of your items will be carefully boxed, wrapped, and packed into the truck in the most efficient manner possible. Things that slow down the moving process are elevator accessibility and conflicts, truck parking proximity to the building, and how prepared you are when the movers arrive. We can pack everything from scratch, disassemble beds, and more, but all of these things take time and you are being charged by the hour for the movers. The more prepared you are on moving day, the cheaper and smother everything will go.

Once all the items are out of your place and in the truck, the crew will head to the new location. The foreman will keep you aware of the route they are taking, as well as any traffic along the way. Be aware that commercial vehicles are not allowed on parkways and certain other roads. The FDR and the West Side Highway above 57th street are both off limits and the truck will have to travel local.

Upon arrival, all items will be delivered to the new location. As items come into the new home, let the movers know where you would like things placed, as well as an area that will not have any furniture, so that they can stack the boxes as neatly and out of the way as possible.

After the truck is empty and everything is in place, the foreman will go over the final charges. Labor time from start to finish will be added up, travel time, tolls, and any materials used will be charged. If you would like to tip the crew,  you can give it to the foreman who can split it between the guys on the job.

A 4% processing fee will be added if a credit card is used for final payment. Cash, bankers check, or money order to not have a 4% fee.

LIFT NYC MOVERS LLC. is a family owned and operated business whose principal owners have a combined 30 years of experience in the moving industry. We pride ourselves on exceptional service at affordable rates. Our research indicates that our clients prefer our small business model as opposed to the big conglomerate structure of other moving companies.

We are extremely prideful of our LIFT employees and we strive to offer them a work environment that is more than just a job. Our company philosophy of hard, honest work permeates our entire LIFT team, and will no doubt leave you with an unforgettably moving experience. We are conveniently located in the West Village: 3 Sheridan Sq. New York, NY 10014



Dan started Lift with two of his best friends. Working for another moving company, they learned the ins and outs of the industry and soon realized that great customer service is the key to running any successful business, especially a moving company. Their hardwork the first few years layed the path for what has turned into one of New York City's most requested and well-reviewed moving companies.

Logistics and Opperations Manager

Konnie has been with Lift since our second year. He started as a driver and foreman, but his potential for growth was quickly evident. Once we started to expand the office, he was a perfect fit. His knowledge of the business as well as ability to break in and teach new movers was unparallelled.

Sales Manager
IT Manager

Mike handles all social media and technology-related issues, as well as working on the truck regularly when things get busy. He loves working for a small company because he can do a little bit of everything and learn all aspects of the business.

Director of Customer Satisfaction

Aga follows up with Lift customers, making sure that we are keeping up with our reputation at all times. If there was an issue on a job, Aga will figure out a solution and make sure everyone is happy.

Fleet Manager

Billy is a jack of all trades but has a higher level of mastery than most. Part mechanic, part carpenter, part electrician, if you have ever needed someone who can do it all, Bill is the man. Keeping all of our trucks in tip-top shape is a full-time job, and Bill is here from dusk till dawn almost every day.

Senior Foreman

Fed has been with Lift longer than any other employee. He walked on the job not knowing a single thing, but today he runs jobs in some of New York City's most luxury apartments.


Gary runs his jobs with laser-like precision. He's the reason all the i's are dotted, and all the t's are crossed in Lift!


Fernando is the new go-to guy for training the new recruits. His ability to access a situation and figure out how best to deal with it is why customers keep requesting him to come back.

Driver and Foreman

Jerry knows how to get around the City like no other. He drives trucks like he has been doing it since birth, and keep customers happy with speedy service and a smile.


If you don't see Andy much on your job, its probably because he is running up and down the stairs like his training for a marathon. Hardworking and friendly, you can't ask for much more.