MoverXchange has been an informal group of highly rated movers, who over the years have referred jobs to each other. Instead of selling jobs to other companies the way most big movers do, with no care for the quality of the service they recommended, this group has always valued customer satisfaction over a quick buck. By keeping the association small, we have maintained a core group of moving companies who all go out of their way to make our customers happy.

This system is finally being opened up and brought into the 21st century with MoverXchange! Customers put in their job information, and shortly after, get bids back from our group of professional moving companies. No salesperson will harass you, EVER! The movers will only contact you once you have accepted their bid for your job. Customers love this system because they get a guaranteed great price, and Movers love this system because they can bid on jobs that will fill their calendar, all in an easy to use web based platform.

If you’re looking for a great deal with a great company, check out the bids you’ll get with the MoverXchange today!