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You have questions, we have answers! These are things we get asked the most:

How much will moving with Lift cost?

This is usually the first question people want answered when contacting a moving company. Some companies charge flat prices, meaning that what you tell them is what they charge. However if the movers show up on the day of the move, and the inventory is not exactly as stated, they will increase the price of your move on the spot. Maybe you forgot to mention a picture, or you didn’t realize your bed needs to be dissasembled to be moved, or you didn’t state the exact dimensions of your dresser, you will now pay extra for that.

At Lift NYC, we always charge our customers by the hour. This means that you don’t have to tell us every little item you have in orer to get a quote. Once we get the basic information of your move, our experienced sales team will suggest a number of crew members for your move. We can add or subtract crew members if you feel necessary, but we find that the more crew you have, the quicker and smoother your move will go.
If you must have a fixed quote, we can provide one if you send a video or pictures, however hourly quotes usually wind up being much cheaper.
What is Travel Time?
Travel time is the time it takes our truck to get from our warehouse to your pick-up, and then from your drop-off back to our warehouse. Generally this is 1 hour if you ar located withing Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, although that can change depending on commercial truck routes. If you are located in or going to Connecticut, Jersey, or Long Island travel time will definetly be more than an hour and can be as much at 3 hours.
Travel time is not the time it takes to get from one destination to another. That is considered labor time since the clock starts when the movers arive at the pick-up and end when everything is done at the unload. Travel time is then added to the final bill.
Can someone come to my apartment or house if I need an on-site estimate?
This really depends on our availability. We are a small company and when things are busy we don’t always have the ability to send someone over. However we recommend it if you have a very large move or a commercial move. Feel free to contact us with your request.
Also, if we do an on-site estimate, we can provide you with a fixed quote for your move if you prefer.
Can Lift move just one item?

We are happy to help with your move, even if it is very small. We regularly move just a couch, bed, and other items.

How big of a job can Lift handle?

We have done moves for large businesses with 10 trucks and 30 crew members and can handle even bigger.

Is Lift available for last minute moves?
We sure are! If your move is very last minute and time sensative, the quickest way to reach us is to call and ask. We always try to accomidate your needs.
Does Lift charge for tolls?

Yes we do. The tolls will be added to your final bill.

Does Lift Charge for Parking tickets?
Yes we do. Our ticket policy is as follows:
When we arrive to your job, we will make every attempt to park as close as possible
Does Lift do long distance moves?

We can only go 20 Miles out of New York State, but have other options if you need somthing further than that.

Does Lift ofer packing services?
We offer professional packing services, as well as boxes, packing paper, and other supplies. All our trucks come equiped with materials, and we will only charge for what we use.
Does Lift charge for boxes?

Yes we do. There is usually 1 or 2 used wardrobes on the truck which you can use for free as long as we get it back. However, if you need more boxes, we will charge fro the equipment we use.

Does Lift have storage options? Overnight or long term?

We can store items on our trucks overnight, as long as the delivery is first thing the next morning. Otherwise, we will charge for a truck being held up. If you need longer storage, we have very limited warehouse space that we can use for longer stays. Call us up and ask about our available space.

Does Lift provide a Certificate of Insurance for my building?

Yes we do, there is a $25 fee for each certificate we need to fulfill. Since each building requires different information, if you need a COI for each location, there will be a $50 charge.

Does Lift have insurance for my belongings?
As per New York State law, we cannot sell insurance. What is comonly mistaken as insurance in moving is called valuation. Your items are valued at $0.30 per pound, per article up to $2,500. This is free and included in the move. If you require additional valuation, it is $25 for every extra $2,500 in valuation. Still, this is on a $0.30 per pound basis.
If you require actual moving insurance, we recommend you check with your renters or homeowners policy to see if moving damage is covered, or you can buy an actual policy at We have a profile with them and they can set you up with a policy for your move.
Does Lift have a tipping policy?

We do not. Tipping is customary in almost all service industry jobs, however it is not mandatory, nor will a crew ever ask for a tip. If you are wondering how much a tip ususally is, imagine what percentage you would tip at a restaurant. The crew would split whatever you feel is appropriate.

Is Lift liscensed?

Yea, we are liscensed with the New York State Department of Transportation #39031

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